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This is the original website of Mount Angus School

Mount Angus High Classes Of 1927 – 1980. The first Mount Angus school building was destroyed by a hurricane in 1944. The second building was erected between 1945 to 1946. The main building was in use for many years and housed (8) eight classes. These classes were mainly “A” and “B” class as well as 1st thru 6th classes…


Mount Angus is our school
It is our duty to build it
It will fall by our negligence
It will rise by our diligence

We are to make life happy for ourselves
Our teachers and our community
Regular attendance counts, punctually too
Neatness and accuracy no less
Excelsior our motto must be

Respectful we are, we’ll keep it
We’ll greet every man with a smile
We’ll keep smiling, smile and smile
Cautiousness and reserve we’ll hold our goal

Hand in hand with our teachers we’ll strive
Mt. Angus School must stand and rise
Success we’ll make it and pass it along
we love our school we’ll make it strong
By Head Master – Teacher Dilworth